Updated on 2nd of January 2018

We started our current trip on 12th December 2016. We will cycle as long as we enjoy it through the Americas.

Total route so far:

Route from 9th of May 2017 until now:

This is the route we cycled the first five months. On 9th of May 2017 we flew from Mexico City to Vancouver.

Previous trips:

map trip 2013

Previous trips


One thought on “Maps

  1. Hola Peter,
    Do we met us in Chile? I was there from 1999 till 2012. I was in Melipilla (65 km to the west of Santiago) from 1999 till april 2005 and in Malloco (26 km to the west of Santiago) from may 2005 till april 2012. At this moment I am again in my native country Flanders (the nothern part of Belgium and dutch speaking)
    Hola Pater, Petra and Ben,
    May I wish you a very nice trip. God bless you all.
    Roger Bauwens, Schooldreef 84, 9170 De Klinge

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