Serbian politics

Severe policemen again at the border between Kosovo and Serbia but no smiles this time. “No stamp of Serbia. Problem.” That’s what the policeman of Kosovo told us but his English was too bad, he couldn’t explain why it’s a problem. After half an hour talking English and German with about 5 different policemen of Serbia we turned around and cycled back where we came from.
Serbia refuses to accept the independency of Kosovo. For them this border does not exist and are we already in Serbia, without a stamp. They asked for our ID cards which we don’t have. Later on a friend told us that she uses her passport to enter Kosovo. When she wants to go on to Serbia she showes her ID card, which is allowed. That’s the way to cross this border, or put some money in your passport to bribe the police. We turned around in disbelief. We knew about the troubles between Kosovo and Serbia in the past but didn’t think of that the situation is still so bad. The policeman of Serbia did not say the word “Kosovo” once. They didn’t explain to us what the problem was. All they did was telling us which way we have to take to enter Serbia.
The policemen of Kosovo were much friendlier. We got the feeling that they really felt bad that we could’t enter Serbia. “Shit Ben, going back. Want an apple?” Lucky Ben.
This whole story costed us two days of cyling. No problen we have time. But we want to go South because we feel the autumn coming.