The end of our adventures

We flew from Mexico City to Denver, Colorado and exploerd the area around Aspen for a couple of days. After that we drove to Moab, Utah and stayed there with friends. We left our bikes and camping gear in Mexico City. We gave everything away to people who, we thought, would really use our gear. We travelled light, four panniers was all we owned for about 3 weeks. Our bikes were old and worn out, same with most of our camping gear.

We flew from the US to Amsterdam at the beginning of June. It was not easy to bring our dear and most valuable souvenier Luna to Europe but we made it and she is now a happy european dog.

We bought new bikes and camping gear in the Netherlands and I am currently with Ben, Esmé and Luna on my way to Berlin. Peter got a job offer as guide for Austin Adventures and guided tours in the past three weeks. He will join us in Berlin in a couple of days and then we will start the last part of our big family adventure: we will cycle back home to Austria and finish our trip after 21 months on the road.

To be continued …