As much as we loved the South of Mexico a year ago, the much we loved the North this year. It is a beautiful cactus country which we enjoyed to explore.

One day, at the end of March we climbed a big hill, just a little bit north of the town Ciudad del Maìz in the province San Luis Potosì. It was extremely hot, we were in the tropics again, and on top we found a little chapel and some benches where we took a break. After about twenty minutes we saw a little creature moving in the middle of a cactus, leaves and trash.

It was a little puppy dog. She was very weak, could hardly walk, was full of flees and her tummy looked like a baloon (full of parasites). We had the feeling that she couldn’t see or smell well. We offered her water and soaked some bread but she was extremely shy. She ran back to her cactus whenever she was done drinking. We stayed with her for about 1 1/2 hours and then decided to take her.

Of course we didn’t have any dog basket, crate or trailer for her. She was tiny anyway. We went to the next supermarket and bought proper dog food. We went to the veterinary several times and helped her getting rid of the flees and parasites. Now she is healthy again. Her name is Luna. The kids are thrilled to have a dog now. Especially Ben. The first thing he does when he gets up in the morning is cuddling and playing with Luna. Sometimes I have the feeling that he understands and cares more for animals than for people.

In the last couple of weeks we also made some new and special human mexican friends. In the little town Jalpan we took a break of a couple of days on a campground next to a pool. All four of us were ill the day before we arrived there. We felt very weak, couldn’t eat well and slept bad. We needed to gain strength again because from Jalpan we planned a huge climb of 2500 altimeters up into the mountains. You can’t cycle such a climb with 80kg of luggage without eating well. Anyway, there on this little campground we met an argentinan-mexican family. They had three beautiful kids. The parents were artisans and made beautiful jewelery.

The kids played all day long together and Peter and I felt a strong connections with the parents. It was hard to say goodbye.

The climb up to the pass was beautiful and it was not as hard as I thought. We cycled all of it, without walking a meter. It just went up, up, up for two days.

And then we got a huge downhill and a beautiful view of the mountains we just crossed.

After this we got ill again! This time we got an infection of our eyes. Esmé and I were first. Then Ben and finally Peter. We stayed at another campground next to a swimmingpool. This time in Huichapan, 200km north of Mexico City. Ben had so much fun in the water and we realized his eye infection too late. His infection got so bad that he couldn’t open his eyes without pain. He stayed in the tent for two days, eyes closed. One night he had a high fever. We worried a lot and went to a doctor with him.

The doctor cleaned his eyes and gave us medication which we had to use every hour. We had to take care of hygiene, wash his and our hands more often, wash his clothes and towels. Ben was not allowed to be in the sun, wind and water for 7 days. All not that easy if you camp. We decided to ask a friend from Mexico City to pick us up. We needed a house and a washing machine. But there was no need to skip the last 200km to Mexico City for all of us. Therefore I decided to continue, together with Esmé, by bike without the boys.

It was a different feeling to be on the road only with the two of us. I couldn’t share the responsabilities with Peter and I had much more time for Esmé then normal. It was fun and we had a good time together.

Once reunited in Mexico City we visited different friends. We did a lot of great daytrips to museums and churches and we had a surprisingly calm and quiet boattour with Embarcadero Belem in Xochimilco.

By reaching Mexico City we crossed a big part of North America, at least from west to east.

After our last blogpost, in which we announced to fly either to South America or to Europe after reaching Mexico City, we got an email from our dear friends Scott and Patsy. They live in Utah and Colorado and invited us to come and visit them again. We decided to follow their invitation and enjoy the US again.

Of course we can’t leave Luna behind in Mexico. We took her on our flight.

Mayolo, Mayte and baby Mayolo helped us a lot with organising our flight and all the paperwork for Luna. They got inspired by our story and lifestyle. They are currently preparing their first cycletour. We hope to meet them again.

I promise to share the stories of our time in Utah and Colorado with you soon!


2 thoughts on “Luna

  1. What an awesome journey you guys are on! Mexico is a very beautiful land with incredible people. I am so thankful you found and rescued Luna, now you have a piece of that amazing country with you!!
    Welcome back to the US hope you will enjoy your stay. Are you close by Ephriam Utah central part of the state? If you get this way we would like to see you!
    Blessing on your continued adventure and journey! Scott and I send our Love to you all. Thanks for sharing with us. Please keep us posted

    Happy a Fathers Day Peter

    Happy Trails

  2. Fantastische verhaal, en wat fijn dat jullie de hond gered hebben. Goed gedaan!

    We blijven julllie volgen, Hartelijke groeten, Wendy en Marten uit Oosterbeek

    Verzonden vanuit Mail voor Windows 10


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