Taking time

It is a long time ago that we wrote our last blogpost. Sorry for that. We didn’t take time to write. We took time to enjoy the desert in Wyoming, Colorado and Utah.

The landscape, especially the colours and shapes, we saw in the last weeks were amazing. We loved it so much that we took the longest break in the past year. We stayed 2 1/2 weeks in Moab, where we stayed with several new friends that felt like family. 

We experienced a lot of generosity and hospitality. Not only in Moab but all along our route: in Savery, Grand Junction, Telluride, Dolores, Durango, Oxford, Dulce and Abiquiu. In total we have been helped and invited about 40 nights in the last two months, which is amazing and very often has helped us a lot. The days are short and as soon as the sun is setting it gets very cold. We have had some snow on the tent but campfires and hot tubs keep us warm.

We are still doing fine and managing well. All the other cyclists we follow on social media are already further south and in warmer weather.

It was also time to say goodbye to our friends Sjoerd, Hanneke and their son Ramses. They are heading towards California now and we continued into New Mexico.

Ben and Esmé are doing really well in this circumstances. They are wearing many layers of clothes every day but are still playing cheerfully and not getting grumpy at all.

We are now in Abiquiu and will continue to San Cristobal tomorrow. We will stay there and near Santa Fe for the next couple of weeks, catching up with old friends and giving our presentation about cycle touring again. We are on the road now for one year and it is time to share our experiences with those who are interested.


5 thoughts on “Taking time

  1. Geweldig allemaal. Heel indrukwekkend wat jullie allemaal zien. En wat wij natuurlijk heel spannend vinden als Arnold naar dat verre Amerika gaat en of jullie elkaar dan kunnen vinden! Groeten van Jan en Ineke

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