In the Wild West

In all the five countries, we visited so far on this trip, people helped us almost daily. I just hardly ever take pictures of them because I enjoy the moment of meeting them and don’t want to spoil it by taking out my camera.

Also the last weeks in Montana, and now Wyoming, have been amazing. People are so friendly, hospitable and generous. They invite us into their homes, offer us a bed, a shower, we can do our laundry, they share their food with us. Some stop the car to give us energy drinks or food, others sing for us or bake cookies for us, some buy presents for the children and others even give us money to buy good food or visit a museum. But what we probably enjoy most is that people share their stories and lifes with us for a couple of hours.

The route we took since we entered the USA took us mostly east of the Rocky Mountains. (Recently I have difficulties to draw our route on the App I use. Until I solved this problem you have to do without my map.) Due to snow storms and bad weather forecasts we didn’t even go to Yellowstone and Teton National Park. But the Wild West we have seen has ben oh so beautiful! Probably even more enjoyable and special without all the tourists hanging around Old Faithful.

The kids especially enjoy the farming and cowboy culture here.

Everybody we meet seems to hunt and we have been eating all kinds of different animals (elk, bear, fasant, …). Animals and sculls are hanging on walls in almost every house, restaurant and even in shops!

We also have had a, for us Europeans, typical american meal with chicken, hot dog, potato chips, … The kids loved not having to eat their vegetables for one night. 😉

In small villages you still can find saloons …

… and we passed some old mines.

The boys enjoy different types of vehicles to sit on.

The landscape we see every day is wide, empty and stunning.

We are now in Thermopolis, Wyoming, and will enjoy a day off our bikes tomorrow. We will visit the hot springs and the dinosaurs center here before going further south. 

Bye for now!


4 thoughts on “In the Wild West

  1. Prachtige foto’s. Ben is een echte American, alleen is zijn gezichtsuitdrukking te zacht voor de sigaar en het geweer.

  2. Wow! So great to see that your trip continues to be amazing! My son, Christian (who took to Ben) gave a talk in his school about his summer, and part of his talk was about your family. He told his classmates about how Ben has learned four languages and he is only 5. Our Mary ( who just turned 6), talks about when she grows up, she wants to go to Austria to visit Esme.😊 We sure enjoyed meeting you. It was one of the highlights of our trip to Jasper this summer? My kids will enjoy your blog. Thank-you!

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