Fire and snow

The cycling family is not touring alone anymore. Since Calgary we are the cycling families and friends! 

Our friend Geertemarie (green shirt behind Ben) joined us for 3 weeks. Our friends Sjoerd and Hanneke will join us with there 1 1/2 year old son Ramses for the next couple of months.

Currently we impress car drivers and locals with our “bike train”…

… and cute children.

The weather has been perfect. It was hot every day, our raingear was in our panniers almost the whole summer and we swam in lakes most of the days since Calgary. 

Probably most of you heard it in th​e news: parts of Canada and the USA struggled with forest fires this summer. Those fires didn’t affect us until Waterton National Park. There we have been evacuated from a campground and had a lot of smoke for the next two weeks. Our eyes burnt, our lungs hurt, we coughed and all our camping gear smelled as if we sat next to a campfire for a long time. We had to change our route. Instead of staying in the Rocky Mountains we had to go further east to escape the fires and the smoke. 

But suddenly the temperature dropped and it started raining and snowing and we started wearing almost all the clothes we carry. (The good news is that we are now able to carry way more food than before … very important for every touring cyclist!)

Anyway, we enjoy our 5th country …

… where everything is possible …

… and it is getting warmer again. Tomorrow we will start cycling from Billings towards Yellowstone Nationalpark.


3 thoughts on “Fire and snow

  1. Peter, Petra, Ben and Esmé,
    Congratulations for your trip to America : Mexico and now Canada. How many time will dure your trip more?
    Summertiùe is over here in Europe and I suppose in Canada too. Aren’t you afraid for the lower temperatures during the wintertime? It could be very cold in winter in Canada.
    May God bless and beware you all during the coming months.
    A cyclist from Belgium.
    Roger Bauwens

    • Thank you! We are on the road since 10 months now and are not tired of being on the road so far. We will keep going as long as we like it. We can’t cycle in wintertime with the kids. That’s why we are heading south. We are now in Wyoming, USA and keep going south. Hopefully winter will not catch up with us!

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