The reason why I wanted to go on a long cycle tour like this is because I felt like a spoiled European woman who doesn’t know anything about the real world. Looking at the news, pictures and movies from my cosy couch at home couldn’t convince me otherwise or satisfy my curiosity of the world out there.

We are on the road since eight months and in this time I have been pushing several personal boundaries. Guatemala drew a line, I couldn’t push boundaries anymore there. I feel different now. I grew. Furthermore things change all the time on such a trip. I feel calm when thinking back at our time in Guatemala and even can think of visiting again.

A boundary I have been pushing in all this time and of which I thought of regularly in the last weeks is comfort. My definition of comfort clearly has changed a lot. For me comfort now is to have a warm shower and eat something else than pasta with vegetables.

We have to carry food for seven days sometimes. Then we are not able to carry a lot of fresh veggies and fruits. The first days are ok but in the last few days we would eat only pasta with onions and carrots. 

I also realized that it is not necessary to eat granola with milk or water and milk powder. It is actually also edible with only water.

I have been downsizing my clothes. I carried four shirts but hardly used them. I threw away two of the four. In general I use always the same shirt while cycling. I wear the other one when we are able to do laundry. Sometimes, when both are dirty, I only wear my fleece jumper.

Canada is a wide and empty country. In comparison to Europe people have big houses and yards. While cycling on the Icefields Parkway I realized that also the cars and the campervans are much bigger than in Europe.

When I first saw some of those big campers I thought that they are touring busses but soon I found out that they are actually vans for only one family. Some of them can even expand horizontally while parked.

The names of those vehicles are often conspicuous: Independence, Discovery, Revolution, Majestic, Hurricane, Escape, Cyclone, … They suggest something big and spectacular to me. But then, while cycling on the Icefields Parkway, we found out that it is not so outrageous as I would imagine to travel with such a big vehicle. It’s hard to find a parking spot for them and apparently sites at campings are often too small for this kind of vehicle.

After those impressions I calculated that we have about 200l of space (8 panniers, 2 handlebar bags, 1 small backpack and cargo storage in the Weehoo trailer) and that the total area of our 4 person tent is approximately 5m². I’m happy with these modest numbers. I don’t need more volume to carry more things. Actually, it is accessible and simple to own so little.

I remember, when my sister and I were little, that we were allowed to draw on the walls and add stickers to our beds and children’s room door. We personalized our private space and, for the first time in our life, defined our identities. This is an important step in the life of a child. I feel happy to see the same development in Ben and Esmé even though they have no children’s room at their disposal. They personalize their Weehoo trailers.

The trailers are also very comfortable and both of them regularly slept in it.

But Ben is getting big. He is not a small child anymore. He needs more freedom and wants to express himself and develop new skills. From now on he leaves the comfort of the Weehoo behind and sits on his own brand new and beautiful bike (Norco Storm).

Of course we will not let him cycle all day long by himself. We got sponsored by FollowMe and from now on will use a parental tandem hitch whenever Ben feels tired or doesn’t want to cycle by his own strength. (I will show you pictures of our new setup in our next post. )


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