Two different worlds

During our last days in Mexico we went to see one more tourist attraction: the archaeological site Teotihuacan. 

The kids love climbing pyramids and they love to fly. Ben and Esmé were talking about the airplane already for weeks. The excitment grew with every day while buying boxes for the bikes, packing everything, driving to the airport and waiting for a long, long time. But finally they could take a seat in the airplane.

After the touchdown the officers at immigrations gave us a little bit of a hard time. We were interviewed twice (at 10 pm with two tired kids!), they wanted to reassure that we don’t plan to work in Canada, and our two apples were thrown away because it is absolutely forbidden to bring fresh fruits into the country. Finally we got our stamps and now we are allowed to stay in Canada for 6 months. 

This time we didn’t had a jetlag, the time difference was only two hours, but, as expected, it was very strange to be in a rich country again. In Canada you can actually throw the toiletpaper in the toilet and flush it away (“Why can you do that here mommy? That is strange.”) and where foodprices are three times higher than in Mexico. 

The following pictures are an attempt to explain this cultureshock.

left: Central America; right: Vancouver

That is it for now. We stayed in Vancouver for 11 days, to buy new shoes for the children, get some spareparts and second hand clothes, meet some old and new friends and to get a 6 month visa for the USA. The interview at the U.S. consulate was relaxed and easy and we got the visa! Tomorrow we will start cycling again. We look forward to it and Esmé is already planning who is sleeping next to each other in the tent. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Two different worlds

  1. Haha, ja. Na 6 maanden wcpapier in vuilbakjes gooien is het wel even aanpassen om dit niet meer te doen :). Maar als er een vuilbakje staat, kan het geen kwaad. Toch?

  2. Hallo allemaal, wat een groot verschil!! Zal ook weer wennen zijn voor jullie.
    Een geweldige tijd weer en Esmee was nog jarig!! Hieperdepiep, hoera!! groetjes uit Limburg!

  3. We’ve been cycle touring with our son Neil, now just over two years old since he was a few months old. Our longest trip was three months, in South Korea and Japan. We saw that your blog was featured on TravellingTwo and got very excited – you are on quite the adventure! We also found the roads in Guatemala to be super steep. Too bad we missed you in Vancouver (our hometown) – we found your blog after you had just left, and anyway we were on a two week cycling vacation.
    A question: in one of the photos in this post it looks like you have a rear bike seat installed on a rack that also has panniers on it. Which bike seat is it? We recently bought the Co-pilot, which we really like, but unfortunately it isn’t compatible with our panniers. Also, in another photo we saw that you have a neat trailer bike with a canopy and some kind of a gear trailer, which models are they, and do you recommend them?

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