Sea turtles

We arrived well in Cancun eight days ago. The kids were great on the flight. The whole journey took us 20 hours. 

The next couple of days we had a jetlag (Cancun is six hours behind CET) but after four days our rhythm was back to normal. We explored the beautiful beaches of Cancun, got used to the climate (at the moment it is 30 degrees Celsius here) and cycled a bit without luggage to get a feeling for car drivers in Mexico. They treat cyclists very careful and respectful. During these days we experienced a shark alarm at Playa Delfines and observed a baby Boa snake crossing very slowly our bike path.

After five days in Cancun we cycled in two days (110 km) to Akumal where a friend of Peter has a house. 

And here we are now, in paradise. Thank you Glenda, this is a big early Christmas present for us. We enjoy it a lot. The best experience till now was swimming with sea turtles at Akumal bay. An experience we will probably never forget.

We will stay a couple if days in Akumal and then start cycling towards Chetumal where we will enter Belize.


2 thoughts on “Sea turtles

  1. We will be in akumal January 13-21. I guess you will be on the road by then? So glad you liked akumal. Isn’t it wonderful!

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