Ben loves to take pictures and some of them are really great therefore from now on we will also use his pictures on our website. 

After surgery Peter stayed in bed for another six to eight weeks. He had no pain anymore but the doctors told him that the wounds on the inside and outside can heal best if he lies down. All that time he wasn’t even allowed to do physiotherapy. After this long period of doing nothing (ten to twelve weeks) Peter slowly started to train his muscles again. As you probably can imagine he was completely out of shape. Now, four months after surgery, he is doing very long hikes and short cycling trips (without luggage) in the mountains again. He is still cautious with carrying heavy things though.

Peter found himself a nice little job for the summer: He is marking and repairing hiking trails in the mountains for the Alpenverein Sillian.

In the meanwhile Petra and the kids are touring and hiking too. Petra knows, that she has to carry most weight when Peter is ready to tour again and she tries to get in shape. They do some day-trips every week.

They also did a four-day-trip in the Dolomites (Italy). (Außervillgraten – Cortina d’Ampezzo – Passo Falzarego – Passo Valparola – Bruneck – Außervillgraten)

We also started going out in nature as a family again. We stayed at the Sillianer Hütte (Austria) for two nights and did some short hikes together.

In summer we always have a lot of guests (e.g. from which we enjoy a lot.


A couple of days ago Peter went for a short ride with the Weehoo again for the first time.


In September we will take a train to Bologna (Italy) and cycle tour to Albinia (Italy) where Petra’s parents rent a little house. After a week on the beach we will cycle back to Bologna and take a train home again. This will be a test ride with luggage for Peter and the first time touring with the four of us this year.

We will keep you updated.

Enjoy the summer!



6 thoughts on “Recovery

  1. Hey cycling family 😉

    So good to hear from you again and great that Peter is on his way to be back on track. Cycling in Italy is great so I wish you all the best and fingers crossed that you all can manage (Petra the extra weight and Peter regarding his revalidation)

    Much love from Tanzania, Isa

    Op maandag 15 augustus 2016 heeft The cycling family het volgende geschreven:

    > peterpetrabenesmé posted: “Ben loves to take pictures and some of them are > really great therefore from now on we will also use his pictures on our > website. After surgery Peter stayed in bed for another six to eight weeks. > He had no pain anymore but the doctors told him that the w” >

  2. Leuk hoor, paadjes verven!

    Wat is jullie adres? Ik zal die markeren in google maps, mocht ik nog eens in de buurt komen!

    Bedankt nog voor jullie bijdrage 😊

    Liefs, Jense


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