Preparations Part 1

As you can see we booked our flights. Which means we definitely start traveling again this spring.

Till now our preparations have been minimal due to Petra working on her photoexhibition and her work in the skischool. (Altough this year the winter in the Alps has not been very spectacular. It was more like spring … till now. It is snowing since 2 days.)

But some things we did already prepare:

IMG_0086Besides a 2 1/2l pan (Esmé is eating like an adult 🙂 ) we also bought some drybags from Ortlieb. The blue one is 35l (!!!) and I really hope, we will not need that much space too often.

IMG_0092We organized everything to be able to homeschool Ben. In Austria it is legal to homeschool your child. We talked to all the people who need to know and borrowed those schoolbooks from a school. We will not carry them, but it can be useful to know how children who go to school learn how to write, read and calculate. This time we will carry a tablet (bought second hand for a good price) mostly to have a look at the weather forecast, maps and to use (I’m writing this post on it right now and I’m definitely not used to it yet.) At a certain point it will also be useful for the education of our children.

IMG_0090And last but not least, Ben and Esmé drew THE map which we will need to cycle in the land of the bears, like Ben is calling Canada.

We keep you updated!


8 thoughts on “Preparations Part 1

  1. Super mooi avontuur staat jullie te wachten! Veel succes met de voorbereidingen. En wat n gave route gaan jullie fietsen als ik zo de tekeningen zie. Ben nu al jaloers.

    Ik ben momenteel aardig aan de training voor de aankomende toerskiwedstrijd, de patrouille des glaciers. Van Zermatt naar Verbier. Wordt een flinke opgave ook, maar wel veel zin in.

    En daarnaast zijn we plannetjes aan het maken voor de zomervakantie. Ook op de fiets uiteraard. Mogelijk Griekenland dit keer. Hebben jullie daar ervaring? Aanrader? Wil ook graag naar Turkije maar de situatie daar vind ik niet zo relaxt momenteel.

    Hey, tablet-ze! En een knuffel aan Esmee 😉

    Groetjes Yvo

    2016-03-03 22:43 GMT+01:00 The cycling family :

    > peterpetraben posted: ” As you can see we booked our flights. Which means > we definitely start traveling again this spring. Till now our preparations > have been minimal due to Petra working on her photoexhibition and her work > in de skischool. (Altough this year the winter i” >

  2. Hoi peter, goed om van je ternemen. Elske en ik zijn twee jaar geleden met fiets cambodja/Vietnam geweest, afgelopen winter maandje Cuba , was prachtig nu de Amerikanen er nog niet zijn. Wel heb ik een Bob gekocht om de volgende keer alle bagage in te doen , dan fietst elske gemakkelijker de bergen op. Voor plezier met jullie nieuwe tocht!mvrgr hugo en Elske

    • Hoi Hugo en Elske,

      Wat leuk dat jullie ons nog steeds volgen. Het blijft heerlijk dat fietsen. Misschien gaan wij ook naar Cuba, jullie zijn daar nu dus al twee keer geweest en altijd heel positief.

      Groetjes uit Oostenrijk, met een meter sneeuw voor de deur!

      Peter en Petra

  3. Yeah Canada!

    Geniet van de voorpret 🙂

    > Op 3 mrt. 2016 om 22:43 heeft The cycling family het volgende geschreven: > > >

  4. Hallo Peter, Petra en kids,

    Allereerst van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag.

    Maak er een gezellige dag van!!

    En dan verder met de voorbereidingen,… wij zijn blij dat we op de hoogte worden gehouden.

    Super interessant.

    Wensen jullie alle geluk van de wereld met de voorbereidingen en natuurlijk met jullie nieuw avontuur!

    Heel veel groetjes uit Limburg van Nico en Trudy

  5. Hi! I have just found your blog and I’m fascinated about it. I haven’t had time to really read it but i’m looking forward. The reason why I stop and write right now just when I have started reading is because I see you are flying to canada and stopping in Reykjavík. Now, I don’t really know for how long you are stopping, but I live there and I would definitely love to invite you guys for a coffee if you would like it. I’m a cyclist and I’m thinking about how to make it possible to bike around the world with kids.. also would be nice for my boyfriend to hear your stories for he’s a little bit skeptical about it. In any case, it would be my pleasure to meet you all.
    Best regards.

    • Hi Tana, thank you for your comment. I keep dreaming of going to Iceland, it must be a fantastic country. Unfortunately we can’t start our trip right now. Peter got a spinal disc herniation and we have to postpone our trip. You are very welcome to ask any questions you have about touring with children. We have a lot of experience with bike touring (alone, during pregnancies and with small children). Just send us an email via the contact form on our site. If I will ever make it to Iceland I will let you know. (According to you, what would be the best month to go there?) Love and enjoy life! Petra

      • Hi Petra! thank you very much for your reply! I’m sorry to hear about Peter! I hope this is not a too serious matter and that he gets well soon. Oh, you would love Iceland.. it is difficult to say when it is best for the weather here is weird and unpredictable.. Last 3 summer pretty much sucked with temperatures between 2 and 10 degrees during the warmer hours of the day! I went cycling a lot around the country last summer and i had 2 o 3 sunny days, the rest were wet and cold and i even got stuck in a big, big, big storm (and pretty dangerous too).. but this year, right now and since easter the days have been wonderful! and warm! warmer than most of the days last summer with temperatures between 10 and 15º. Nevertheless, I would recommend you guys to come between june and end of august because you are more likely to have warmer temperatures “overnight” (there’s no night really). at this time of the year, even though the days can be warm, the temperatures drop to -1 or 0 degrees in the night.. You just have to pick a summer and wish for a good weather.. weather in iceland it’s like a lottery, but you will definitely get sunny days as well as rainy and cold days.. you just have to be ready for everything and enjoy the wonders iceland has to offer! (and please, let me know when you are coming)
        Love for the 4 of you,

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