Summer memories

As you can see, we did update our website a little bit. Not only the design is new but we now also own the domain
Furthermore the (Austrian) media seemed to be very interested in our lifestyle. We did give a talk with the title “Cycle touring – A nomadic lifestyle” several times. You can find the result of this attention under publicity.

But now we want to show you some memories of our summer adventures. As written in an earlier post we did two trips in spring. In summer we did five more trips in Austria, Italy and Slovenia. Each of those seven trips has been between three days and three weeks long. We only went on a trip when the weather forecast was good. We didn’t want to make it ourselves too difficult. We are very happy to be able to tell you that touring with the children worked! Very often we felt happy …

… on the road and during wild camping in our tent.

It has been hot ….

And sometimes a little bit chilly …

Petra went for a one week trip alone with Esmé. She cycled together with our friends Yvo, Annieka and their son Jidde for four days. We think, that it is a very good solution to cycle with several families, the children can play together and the adults share the daily tasks like cooking, setting up the tent et cetera. For sure the ideas about cycle touring of the various families have to be similar. We love to cycle, climb passes, wild camp and we never spend a lot of money, for example, by going out for dinner. Fortunately Yvo and Annieka share most of our ideas. Petra and Esmé had a great time with them. And Petra learned something new: When you step on a wasp it helps to suck the poison out of the sting.


Thanks Yvo for sucking on Petras dirty foot. 🙂

In general we stayed in the mountains during all our trips and we did a lot of passes …

The children enjoyed playing with natural materials …

… but making campfires is the biggest present we can give to Ben. He simply loves it.


One of the disadvantages of wild camping is that we have limited possibilities to wash ourselves. No problem for Peter tough, he seems to enjoy taking a bath in ice cold mountain water.

IMG_0062 2

We have collected some of our most beautiful pictures of this summer for those who love the mountains:

And we are very proud to show you this video:

Everything is changing. In a couple of years we will not have to pull any trailers anymore. But for now we have to and we do it with pleasure. It seems as if Esmé got used to our nomadic life on the bike. That’s why we decided to start our next big adventure in spring 2016. We booked a flight from Amsterdam to Vancouver on 3rd of May. We keep you updated.

For now we wish you all a lot of love and happiness.



3 thoughts on “Summer memories

  1. Hi Petra and Peter,
    Sounds like a wonderful summer for your family and I am so happy and excited for you.
    Please give Ben and Esme huge hugs for me and thanks for inspiring others including muself.

    Miss you guys dearly and wish you all the best in BC Canada in May 2016.
    I hope to see you all before then.
    Your big fan from Italy,
    Paul Kim

  2. wow, leuk om te lezen en mooie foto’s! leuk avontuur. zou leuk zijn om jullie nog eens te zien en de verhalen te horen..voordat jullie vertrekken op de volgende avontuur. succes met de voorbereidingen!

  3. Hallo family,

    Leuk om op deze manier met jullie mee te leven, we hebben genoten van de prachtige foto’s en de verhalen.

    Geniet nog even van Oostenrijk en de sneeuw voordat jullie weer verder trekken.

    Hier is alles goed met iedereen en binnenkort zien wij Marie-José en Trudo hier in het zuiden!

    Lieve groeten van Nico en Trudy

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