The preparations started

Ben is practising for his first trip outside Europe.

Ben already started practicing for his first trip outside Europe.

In about two months we will hit the road again. We found a place for our dear dogs Ouiza and Coco with some nice people in Friesland therefore we will travel only with the three of us. We will cycle through Asia but don’t know how long it will take us. Probably two years. We are busy with selling and buying stuff, vaccinations, repairing the bikes and similar things. In the following weeks Petra will finish this website. We will add a map of our earlier trips, a map of our planned route and share our experiences of cycle touring during pregnancy and with a baby. For now you can enjoy the slideshows of Peter’s travels in the past few years and of our trips together (see ‘recent posts’). If you want to follow us on this trip just enter your email address on the right side.


3 thoughts on “The preparations started

  1. Go well, Petra and family, I look forward to seeing Asia through your eyes. I just watched the whole 17 minutes of your Europe-Morocco-Europe trip and it brought tears to my eyes. Your sense of freedom, and what you are seeing of the world, and how you are showing it to your son, is so very special indeed.

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